AIM2000 is a program to analyse and visualize atoms in molecules
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AIM2000 is a program to analyse and visualize atoms in molecules.
The look and feel of the user interface of AIM2000 is similar to many Windows-based programs and can be explored intuitively by trying the icons in the toolbar or the menu-entries of the main menu.
The working area of AIM2000 is divided into four parts:
- Control View (top left of frame window): The list-boxes in the Control View are used to specify the parts of the molecule, the density function, and the plot you want to work with.

- 2DView (bottom): 2DView is used to construct and display two-dimensional plots of the molecule and its properties. The plots are constructed and modified via the menu-entries of the Plot-menu.

- 3DView (independent window): 3DView displays a three-dimensional picture of the molecule and includes automatically all items which are calculated.

- Record View (top right): while 3DView and 2DView contain visualizations of the computed results, Record View can display results in written form. The content of the View is formatted for immediate printing. The content of Record View is controlled by the Record menu.

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